Testimonials for Valerie Dent Acting courses and Presentations Skills

Level 1 Acting course

Excellent teacher! So experienced, artistic and expressive, she really helped me.  Level 1 student.

Level 2 Acting course

Doing the performances with Valerie has been transformative in so many ways. At a fundamental level, her choices of texts are always inspired and exciting to work on and her instruction and direction is fabulous in drawing out illuminating, and shared, discoveries and  experiences.  Valerie works with everyone as a professional and constantly pushes you further to keep experimenting and working to be better. It’s always a pleasure to be involved in her performance courses.  S. Wilson.


Excellent workshop. I have learnt a lot from Valerie. Top Class! A. Zasowski.

I still go to Valerie’s workshops particularly when I have a gap between performances. They are good fun and I learn a lot. They often give me ideas about new things to try that help to develop my acting. I. Powell.

Presentation Skills

Thank you for your help with the acting class, the team really enjoyed it and we learnt a few things too! Gosia Rosa (partner) Mulberry Bow

Valerie’s energy, professionalism and commitment are incredible.  I worked with her on my presentation skills and the techniques and strategies she taught me have been invaluable.  I was amazed at how easy and effective the exercises Valerie showed me were.  Working with Valerie has taken my public speaking skills from average to something I’m really proud of.  I recommend Valerie wherever I go and owe her a huge thank you.

 Gill Thackray, Director, Koru Development Ltd.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found them well structured and informative. The little time we spent did make a huge difference so thanks for that.

A. Osula, AFK Architects.