Photo Gallery

In this photo gallery there are photo’s from my courses and workshops with so many impossible to show.  All remind me of the good times I have had with the amazing people who have attended my courses and workshops. I have been so lucky meeting such talented people. If some of these photo’s inspire you to know more. Please go to the workshop and courses page to find out how to join click here


This photo gallery will not have enough room for the workshop photo’s but here are some.



PERFORMANCE GROUP – rehearsed and devised scenes from the courses

December 2019 – Joes’s Bar (Two Act play) written by Valerie Dent and Steph Wilson



June 2019 – Scenes from the Dinner Party                                                                                    


December 2018 – Scenes from The Women and The Birthday Party


June 2018 – Love is Absurd – part devised theatre project course