About Valerie Dent

Biography and work history

About Valerie Dent biography and work history.

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How I got started

I am not sure where to start because for as long as I can remember the world of communication in one way or another has always been part of my life. From dance lessons at 4 years old to present day as an actor, teacher, coach, writer and now filmmaker. I finished shooting my first short film ‘Between the Tides’ in Summer 2021 submitting to Film Festivals since September 2021 with great success. (more info on Actress link)

I still go to acting classes and I have made a promise that if I ever stop being an acting practitioner then I will stop teaching it.

Teaching background

I studied for a BA (Hons), Cert Ed, in my 30’s in between theatre jobs and studied various acting techniques such as Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski and Method along the way. I ran workshops with various theatre companies and loved it. During this time I was studying and working with Jungian psychology. This added to my understanding of the unconscious and the imagination, archetypes, intuition and impulses and is a great source of grounding for my style of teaching.

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In 1998 I started teaching acting and I am now running my own acting courses independently. 

Companies worked for as a teacher, coach, facilitator and director

Big Foot Theatre Company (workshops), The Children’s Film Unit, Carshalton College, Greenwich College, Moira House Girls School, Anna Fiorentini School of Theatre, Hawley Theatre, Impetus/Sussex University, Icon Theatre Company, Bishopsgate Institute and I am now a LAMDA examiner.

When I am acting I want to feel motivated and inspired by the writer, the director, and those around me. I use the same philosophy when I teach.