About Valerie Dent

Biography and work history

About Valerie Dent biography and work history.

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How I got started

I was five years old and the play was a Greek tragedy. At the climatic moment my character was sacrificed to the Gods. Dramatic eh? I still remember the gasps from the audience. I was so in the moment, excited and felt the magic of the stage.

I was struck

Since then it has always been my passion to keep working with inspirational directors, and in creative projects that will push my acting skills even further. 

Teaching background

Later on in my career I achieved a BA (Hons), Cert Ed, and studied various acting techniques such as Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski and Method. I ran workshops with various theatre companies and loved it. During this time I was studying and working with Jungian psychology. This added to my understanding of the unconscious and the imagination, archetypes, intuition and impulses and is a great source of grounding for my style of teaching.

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In 1998 I started teaching acting and I am now running my own acting courses independently. 

Companies worked for as a teacher, coach, facilitator and director

Big Foot Theatre Company (workshops), The Children’s Film Unit, Carshalton College, Greenwich College, Moira House Girls School, Anna Fiorentini School of Theatre, Hawley Theatre, Impetus/Sussex University, Icon Theatre Company, Bishopsgate Institute and I am now a LAMDA examiner.

When I am acting I want to feel motivated and inspired by the writer, the director, and those around me. I use the same philosophy when I teach.